Friday, June 21, 2013

Laundry Day Sequence Task

Doing the laundry is a life skill students are familiar with and need to learn to become more independent. Check out my new real photo sequence card samples below.  For more cards and projects go to my TpT store.


  1. You have some wonderful tasks on your blog! I followed one of your links to amazon and will also be purchasing your book. I am your newest follower here and on TpT and am looking forward to seeing the products you develop! I started out being a Paraprofessional before I became a teacher, and when I burn out on the paperwork, I will probably return to that job, lol. I have also started a blog, but it is still fairly new and I am not very tech savvy so it has been sporadic. I hope to spend a little more time with it this summer. I am going to add you to my bloglovin' list since Google reader will no longer be functioning after July 1st. Looking forward to more posts!

    Jannike Johnsen

    1. Thank you so much for the kind words Jannike!I hear you about all that paperwork. Paperwork for Sped teachers is so time consuming that is takes away from teaching for sure. I actually took the book off the sell list. My reasoning for that is most of my tasks are viewed on my blog that were in the book. I wasn't able to market it like you need to so I shared my ideas on the blog and opened a store with very similar tasks for purchase at TpT. I will be adding more things next week so keep following and thank you!

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