Sunday, September 28, 2014

Keeping it Real

Offering products in the classroom that are in color and make use of real images is something I like to offer our students. Beside the fact that the students love any task that involves food, presenting real images gives them a realistic experience when learning life skills and vocational skills.

Many classrooms are unable to offer field trips to show students how to shop for groceries or eating out and learning how to order and pay for purchases, so I enjoy making products to bring these types of real world experiences into the classroom.

I work with students in a high school setting so many of them are learning how to do various jobs and basic skills to be more independent.  These skills can also be introduced with younger grades as well.

I just completed two new fun vocational food tasks that have turned into class favorites already! Who doesn't like food right?  Our students go to these choices before any others because they are drawn to the visuals and can relate with their own experiences while preforming the tasks. What is wonderful to see is the encouragement they feel when they complete the tasks with little or no help.

Here are 2 of my newest tasks that are popular in our classroom:
Build a Breakfast Fast Food Vocational Task Fast Food Employee

These new products can be purchased individually or in my newest real image bundle:

Morning Break Donuts, Chinese Take-Out, and Ice Cream Parlor are also sold individually or as part of other bundles available.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

1st Day of Fall Savings!

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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Vocational Tasks

As the new school year is well underway,  I am seeing the needs of students and the different tasks that will benefit them to learn new skills and reach IEP goals.

We have such a variety of skill levels and I really try to make tasks adaptable for everyone.  We may have one or two students that read well and can do a task from beginning to end with little or no assistance where others may be non verbal or limited with reading skills that need help.

What is nice to see is the students working together to help one another.  For example,  I have a donut order filling task that two of our students like to work on together.  The non verbal student likes to separate all the donuts by flavors and the other student fills the orders by reading the order cards.

No matter what the task, offering variety helps the students learn several skills needed to become more independent as well as learn valuable skills for various job types.

Here is my newest task that helps teach fast food working skills by filling orders.  To see what the task looks like, please click the link below and check out the preview.

Fast Food Employee

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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Opportunities Beyond High School

Finding employment opportunities for students with special needs when they transition from high school can be very limited and many times the waiting lists are long for some to be placed.

I came upon this heart warming video that shares the story of a special family and how they are providing opportunities for these very special young men and women.  I think what they are doing is so tremendous and just the looks on the employees faces when they receive their first paychecks is priceless!

I encourage you to take time to watch this video and I can only hope more families and businesses will model after them and give these young men and women a chance to show how much they can contribute to the communities of which they live.
 Special Kneads and Treats Bakery