Thursday, June 29, 2017

Learning Through Rhyme

Learning Through Rhyme

Rhyming helps with the ability to break words into smaller parts and recognize smaller parts in words. This is important for reading and spelling success.

Rhyming also teaches children who are learning to read about the patterns and structures in both spoken and written words. Songs and rhyme expose children to the rhythm of language helping them read with some animation in their voice instead of just a monotone voice.

Rhyming is important to reading and spelling because it can help children appreciate words that share common sounds and letter sequences. An example for spelling is "cat". When you can spell cat you can also spell mat, hat and rat. The same goes for reading, if you can read “ball,” you can read, fall, mall and tall.

Creating products to help with these skills is something Education with Imagination focuses on and CC's Classroom Creations provides. 

Here are samples from both stores:

Silly CVC "ab" Story

Please take time to check out these stores for your early education and special education needs.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

TPT Milestone FREEBIE!

So excited to reach a sales milestone with Teachers Pay Teachers!

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