Wednesday, May 31, 2017

The Rewards of Working with Students with Special Needs

The best job I ever had was the seven years spent working with some very special students. I can't express enough how rewarding this time spent with these students was as well as the friendships I made. Seeing the sheer joy as a student accomplished a goal or the laughter over enjoying a skill that they never had the opportunity to encounter would just melt my heart.

I hear stories of the downsides or the meltdowns as well as some of these students not being excepted very well with general student population. I also have had people express to me (when they heard what I did for a living) that they didn't know how I could do it and thought working with these students must be so hard. I am here to tell you that yes, there are the struggles, but the rewards are so much greater.

I also worked in a public school system that excepted these students so well. I loved how the other students interacted with our students in physical education classes and really cared about helping them learn a new sport and adapted to their abilities. These students are not to be feared as some do because they do not understand them. They are loving and so willing to give it their all to succeed.

As I was thinking of what to write I came upon this article that says exactly how I felt while I worked with these students.

I encourage you to read this and if you ever have the opportunity to work with these special people in schools, church, or in the community in any way, I encourage you to do so. They will change your life and leave a place in your heart!

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Summertime Learning

It is that time again! Another end to a school year. The learning doesn't have to stop though.
During the summer, parents can take many opportunities to reinforce what their child learned during their school year and teach them new skills as well.

Pinterest is a great source to find ideas and for learning aids, Teachers Pay Teachers has many free and paid resources that are easy to use and a fun way to learn.

Our stores have many products from reading, science, math, social studies, independent tasks, life skill and vocational tasks to help keep the learning going throughout the year.

Enjoy your summer of fun!