Thursday, June 6, 2013

Grocery Ad Task

Learning to find products in a grocery ad is a life skill that is easily adjusted for various learning levels. It can be a matching task or a good math task adding lists and counting out money. I made copies of a computer generated local store ad that includes several pages. Before I laminated everything I made an additional copy of the ad for matching items. I cut out several items (item only...not showing price) I also made a blank list for the students to write down the name of the products and the cost of each.
How we use: Give the students 10 items to find in the ad. When the student finds the matching picture they write down the name of the item the way the ad shows and it's cost. After finding all 10 items they total up the amount needed to purchase the items. We have copies of bills and coins in our room so we have them count out the amount needed.

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