Monday, January 16, 2012

PVC Task

Just wanted to share one our students favorite tasks that is adaptable for specific needs. This task can be used to match patterns, sorting, fine motor, etc... To make this box, I went to our local lumber store and told them what the supplies were for, and they were given FREE! After our students used them the first time, they wrote a nice card thanking the lumber store for giving us the supplies. The card is hanging to this day in the managers office. Many times if you ask and tell people what the supplies are for they are willing to help and either give for free, or offer a great discount! This is just one of the tasks in my book, Table Top Tasks at


  1. Could you share your task card photos from this activity?

    1. I am making a new post that will include FREE patterns so check out my new "Home" page post 3/26/2015.

  2. My husband took these on his work camera and has since deleted them but I will have one of our students build the patterns and take new pictures of them for you! Give me a day or so and I will make a new post with the link for the images. :)