Thursday, February 26, 2015

Fun Spring Treat!

I am always in search of fun hands on ideas and tasty treats to go along with lessons and this one looks like a keeper!

Marshmallow Rainbow Kabobs

A great springtime lesson would be to talk about the weather changes and how much rainfall there is during this season. Of course storms are often times followed up with a beautiful rainbow. After lesson have the students build their own marshmallow rainbow for a tasty treat!

The visual above and instructions on how to make the kabobs can be accessed The Decorated Cookie blog.

*Tip-if you do not want to use the sugar suggested above you can use different flavors of jello. Place jello flavors in different sandwich bags for each color. Also provide a bowl of water for each jello flavor you are using. After coating the marshmallow in water, shake off the access water then place in baggie and shake. When you remove marshmallow from bag you might stain your fingers so you will want to use gloves during this process.

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