Monday, July 21, 2014

Let Students Know What You and Your Classroom Are About

"Take time to plan carefully what you will do on the first day in order to give students a clear impression of the course content and your expectations. If you plan to lecture on most days, lecture on the first day; if you plan to engage students in discussions, do so on the first day. No matter what methods you use, your overall aim should be to engage your students in learning."

I really do agree with what is said in this statement from the Teaching Center.  I feel that first impressions and how you handle your classroom learning is important to detail from day one.

Many teachers go over the rules of class and do routine introductory activities on the first day of school. Along with this, I think that making sure the students know how you will approach your lessons will give them a general sense of what to expect for the school year.

In our life skill/functional curriculum classroom we are blessed to have technology at each student's fingertips.  Whether it be a laptop or an iPad, each students has one in our 1:1 school program.  We introduce the use of this technology on the first day as well as letting students know that we will have one on one time with each of them so they know what kind of support they will have. Each student is at a different level so we can adjust the levels by use of grade level content via the Web. We also let the students know that we take other approaches along with technology use such as student interactive lessons, games, and reinforcing hands on tasks to aid in their learning.

Here is one of the products we use to reinforce a unit on shopping...using currency and coupons.  By practicing the task, it reinforces what they learn during classroom instruction.

Grocery Shopping Ultimate Life Skill Task

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