Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Importance of Vocational Skills

It is never to early for students to start learning skills to help them obtain jobs during and beyond their school years.

Learning the basics like how to count money and follow directions are very important skills to begin with. So many times I see students that learn basic money skills during their elementary years and then begin to lose the skill by high school because they simply do not practice the skill.

How many times have you seen a worker at a store register or fast food register that struggle to figure out what change you need back even when the register tells them the amount to give? Many times, if you are not practicing these skills you tend to forget what you have learned.

As a mom, I turned opportunities like going through the drive-thru as a lesson time for my kids. We would place an order and the employee would tell what the amount owed would be. As soon as I was told the amount I would tell my kids that I was giving the cashier a certain bill and asked them "what will my change be?"  Sometimes they would get it and sometimes not because it does not take long to get from one window to the next to figure it out. These are the simple types of opportunities you can use to help teach your children the basics.

As a para in the classroom I try to provide opportunities to help with hands on basic skills such as these so students can practice them and gain confidence in their abilities.

This is a sample page of my latest vocational task that helps students learn a customer service task. They fill orders that are given, add order totals, and count out the correct amount to pay for each order.

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  1. I have just recently found your blog, I've loved your products on TPT for a while and bought many of them for work tasks in my classroom. They are some of my students' favorite ones! Thanks for your hard work and I sure wish you were a para in my classroom!