Saturday, January 11, 2014

Keeping Data for Student Task Goals

Keeping data is an important step in the IEP process. Goals are written for students during IEP team meetings by everyone that is knowledgeable about what is needed to help the student build skills in order to progress in general curriculum settings and ultimately lead them to being more independent.

The tasks that I create are designed to help with the goals of daily living skills and vocational skills. Often times these are very much a part of the goals written in the students IEP. Teachers and para's like myself track students progress by recording scores and other data through the school year. This is the best way to measure students progress or lack of.

I recently posted a generic tracking sheet that works well for most of my tasks and allows you to write in your own steps that the student will follow. These can include everything from taking task off the shelf to clean-up and storing the task.

Since every classroom or home setting is different, you can develop a visual picture system showing each step of my tasks from what the task box, envelope or file folder looks like to each step of completing the task. This will give a visual prompt for students that need this accommodation.

Below is a FREE generic task data collection sheet for you to help with your record keeping.
FREE Data Collection Sheet for Student Tasks

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