Monday, December 30, 2013

New tasks to finish out the year!

Well I have been as busy as I can be during the Christmas break. Here are my latest tasks:
Laundry Day- Washing Care Instruction and Sorting Task

This is a valuable life skill task that helps students learn about washing instruction and clothing sort.

This task contains 19 pages: Cover page, fabric care symbols, cut out symbols, 20 washing instruction cards with clothing visuals on each card, sorting baskets, clothing, and a directions page.

Life Skill Bundle #4

This is a 70 page life skill bundle that includes 3 of my newest tasks. Buy the bundle and save!!

Here are the three tasks included in this bundle:
"What's for Dinner Tonight?"

Laundry Day- Washing Care Instruction and Sorting Task

"Where Can I Find This?" Categorizing Task

Going To The Pet Store- Customer Service Task

This is a fun and colorful task to help students fill customer orders.
Students also learn shapes, colors, and following directions.

This task is 15 pages: Cover page, 10 fish tanks, 15 fish, customer image order cards, and a directions and credits page.

This task would also work well for speech therapy.

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