Monday, November 23, 2015

Illustrations Bring Books To Life

If you place books in a literacy center and students go to make choices, which ones do you think they like the most? Books with words only or eye catching illustrated books?

Children are drawn to eye catching images which peak their interest to know more about the image themselves. Providing both written work with colorful images is what helps to encourage literacy skills and comprehension.

When you connect the image to what is written it makes the book more real to them and stimulates their imagination. Pictures help to increase vocabulary as well as identifying such things as shapes, colors, names, and objects.

Image books are not only helpful for early learning, they serve great value with higher levels of education as well. As students get older chapter books are encouraged for academics and education goals but having a mix of reading choices helps to encourage students who may not like to read or are stimulated to read more because of visuals.

Mary Jo Fresch, a professor at Ohio Sate University stated, "Not everything is in the picture and not everything is in the words. It takes some real critical thinking to use a picture book." I truly believe this and this concept should be encouraged. Pictures help people of all ages recall memories and experiences that help to encourage social skills and helps to increase reading comprehension.

Let's keep the passion for reading alive!

Here is one of my latest products for early education that is full of colorful images to share with students about that first trip to the dentist. By reading it during group time it will encourage conversation about students personal experiences at the dentist.

Your Teeth and How to Care for Them
Your Teeth and How to Care for Them

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