Monday, June 15, 2015

Reinforcement Tasks Used In Various Environments

Making tasks and activities to meet the needs of students of various age and ability is what I enjoy doing. I make products to reinforce learning in the early education, home school, and special need classrooms but never thought of uses beyond these settings until a customer of mine enlightened me.

I make a variety of tasks to include English language arts, functional curriculum, life skills and vocational skills. I found out that they are working well in rehab of a skilled nursing facility! I never really thought of this environment and the importance of the need for these types of tasks when working with speech and occupational therapy.

I will continue making tasks to meet needs in all of these environments and am now inspired to create things that will meet the needs of rehabilitation teams that work with guests individual needs.

Here is a sample of tasks that help with life skills including laundry, categorizing products, and meal presentation/food recognition:

Life Skill Bundle #4
Life Skill Bundle #4

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