Thursday, January 15, 2015

The Benefits of Work Box Tasks for All Students

Work box tasks are beneficial in many ways for all students. They are not only used to help individual students meet IEP goals, they can also be used to help reinforce a concept taught in the classroom.

All core subject areas are presented by teachers in various teaching methods to accommodate the needs of all students. Where work box tasks can be beneficial is in the area of reinforcing the key concepts that the students have been taught.

For example:

The teacher may be doing a lesson on interrogative questions...who, what, when, where, why.
While some students may clearly grasp the concept of asking informative based questions, others may need further help and visuals to increase their understanding.

This Who? What? Where? task is an example of a resource that can help reinforce this concept:
"Who?" "What?" Where?" Sentence Visual Matching Activity

I encourage you to browse my store and look at the many tasks that can be used to reinforce money skills, spelling, addition, subtraction, map skills, life skills, vocational skills, etc...

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