Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Winter Science Activities

Winter can be a challenge especially just coming back to the classroom after the holiday break.  A great way to keep students interested and active in the classroom in providing hands on activities to make learning fun.

Science is a great subject to incorporate hands on learning and experiments. I came across this wonderful article with ideas that will work with various grade levels.


Here is just a sample of one of the activities presented in the article. Enjoy!

Salt and a String

Kids can perform a “magic trick” with an ice cube, a string, and salt. Place an ice cube in a cup of water. Cut a piece of string a few inches long. Have the kids try to pick up the ice cube using just the string and not their fingers. They will see that it does not work.
Now dip the end of the string in the water and lay it across the ice cube. Sprinkle some salt on top of both the ice cube and the string. Wait a minute or so and then try to pick up the ice again using just the string. It should work this time because the salt will have melted the ice slightly and the water will have refrozen around the string. 

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