Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Extension Activities for the Classroom

In today's classroom, no matter what is assigned, some students will get done faster than others.
To keep students from reaching boredom or idle time that can lead to disruptions it is a good idea to offer extension activities that will keep these students engaged and learning valuable skills.

Some of the best tasks and activities to offer are life skill and vocational related. These are the type of tasks that help students learn valuable skills that they will use later in life and help to increase their independence.

I have a store full of just that, tasks for special needs classrooms that can also be used in classrooms with independent activity centers. These tasks are great for students completing their work early, during testing times, life skill classrooms, vocational classrooms, and home schools.

Check my store out for your classroom needs!

Here are a few examples of items at my store with TpT:

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