Sunday, April 28, 2013

Soda Vending Task

Soda vending is a great vocational task that is adaptable for different learning levels from matching to counting profits. I recycled a fishing tackle organizer and placed a visual of a vending machine on the lid. When you open the front just like a regular machine there are various sodas inside. For the matching I placed a smaller picture of each soda in each compartment so students can match the sodas. To make it more for students that can do math, they have a list of how many sodas were in the machine first and how much the sodas cost. I remove some of the sodas and put money in the bottom compartment of the box to correspond with how many are missing. The student checks to see if the money adds up correctly with how many were purchased and then restocks the machine. To give them an added challenge you can hold back some of the change, and when they add it up to see that they don't match up with how many are purchased, they will see how much profit they lost.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Making A Sandwich Task

Making a sandwich task helps students to learn life and vocational skills. Students follow visual instruction cards to build the sandwiches in the order shown. After all sandwiches are made, you will check them for accuracy, making sure they followed the steps in order. Here is the link to my


Monday, April 22, 2013

Matching Socks Task

One of those hated chores...matching socks! Everyone goes through that dreaded laundry pile trying to find socks that match and it is always a mystery when you can't find the pairs. This task helps students learn to find matching socks and helps with their visual memory skills. I simply found pictures of several different socks some of which are very similar but there is slight differences in the patterns on the sock. This helps make it a little more of a challenge.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Household Matching Task

Household matching task helps show students what items are used for around the house and what goes together. I found various pictures of appliances and other household items and then found pictures of what you would use them for or what goes with each item. Examples: washing machine/laundry, lamp/lightbulb, hand mixer/mixing bowl, etc... I glued the main items onto the file folder and then they choose the pictures that go with the item by Laying them on top of the items in folder.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

What's for Dinner?

This task is good to teach home life skills. Making weekly menus is important to help with grocery lists and learning to make balanced meals. I made a list of several main items and a list of enough vegetables for them to make 7 complete meals (1 main + 2 sides) The student chooses from the list then writes their choices on a copied weekly menu. Next they use the plate visual marked with the day of the week and place the items that they have chosen on the plate, putting a knife, fork, and spoon on the placemat.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Filling Donut Orders task

Another great vocational task to teach order taking and accuracy. I made a visual of several donuts as well as a list of names and what each person ordered. I used individual bags with corresponding names as order sheet for the student to put the donuts in. When student is finished you check them for accuracy.

Check out my

VOCATIONAL TASK Morning Break Donuts 

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Fast Food Orders Task

The fast food order task is a great vocational task to introduce customer service and following orders.The students fill each order and place them in individual fry packages for us to check when finished. First step is to make visuals of menu items from a fast food restaurant of your choice onto 8x11 cardstock. Next make separate items that correspond with your visual for the students to pack orders with. I made several different order cards that are on a order screen picture that I copy and pasted several times. I made breakfast orders and lunch/dinner orders that I keep seperated so two students can do this task at the same time. I went to our local McDonalds and told them what my task was and asked for some free french fry packages to place each order in and they were more than happy to help!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Feed the Animals Task

Feed the animals is a task to reinforce the concept of caring for animals and knowing what they need in the way of food. This is a version of a task that I made from another site. I made visuals of six different animals and attached them at opposite ends of three task boxes. Next, I cut an area out for the mouth big enough to slide the food in. I made several pieces of a food item that each animal likes and attached one of them to the front visual so the student can see to match the right food.