Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Newest Products!

I just realized it has been awhile since I posted. With the holidays approaching it gets so busy and I know you all know about that! I have made time though to create a couple of new products as well as bundling some of my best sellers. I would love for you to check them out!
Candy Shop Task is a great pre-vocational tool to help students learn how to stock supplies and follow directions. This task can also be adapted and used a matching task by matching the candy types or matching by color.

Learning the calendar can be fun with this three task set.  *Match the dates and holidays *Match the Months File Folder Task *Monthly object matching  Calendar matching comes with a visual guide to help students match the holidays to each month.This guide has fill in the blank lines so dates can be changed for each new year!  (This calendar set is based off US Holidays)

Visual perceptual is a very important part of the learning process. Children need good visual perception to discriminate well. It also helps with copying correctly, memory, and eye-hand co-ordination.  Sequencing helps to develop this very important skill. This bundle is a combination of my sequence tasks all in one. The sets all use real photos and are life skill based.

Three of the most popular selling and popular student task choices in the classroom. Each concentrates on a certain skill.  1. Grandma's Best Cookies- Students learn customer service by filling cookie orders and making sure the right cookies are packaged. 2. Lunch Trays for School Days- Students learn a valuable skill in food recognition and following directions with lunch choices. 3. Fill the Tool Belt- Students learn about assembling products and about tools used around the home.

How about some student proven life skill and vocational skill tasks all bundled into one! Visit my store for this great special needs task bundle today!

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