About Us

Adaptive Tasks and More is a blog with content provided by Adaptive Tasks, Education with Imagination, and CC's Classroom Creations. We are a mother and two daughters that are on a Teachers Pay Teachers journey together. We are passionate about providing educational resources that work well for the special needs classroom and early elementary grade levels. We all bring something different and many products that work well together.

About us;

First is Adaptive Tasks by Dianne. I began my journey of creating SPED related products to help students learn basic skills including vocational and life skills. I worked as a para in a life skills classroom for seven years and was blessed with some of the most amazing students.

The students I worked with had so much drive to learn new things and it was a joy to see what they were able to accomplish. One of their favorite times of the day was task time. They selected from many of the tasks that I provide in my store and it was exciting to see many of them able to work them independently after a few attempts.

I love what I do and I encourage you to check out  Adaptive Tasks to see what I have to offer!

Second is Education with Imagination by Brittany. Brittany began her journey the beginning of 2016 after working with preschool students, some with special needs.

Brittany graduated with a degree in technical theater and she has been able to utilize her degree not only in a theater setting but with the students as well during story time and dramatic play.

She creates products based around classic literature and original works to encourage learning and offer a balance of activities to reinforce the written work. Many of the products include activities for the inclusive classroom setting.

Make sure and check out her store and social sites on her page Education with Imagination

Third is CC's Classroom Creations By Ciara. Ciara is a stay at home mom that has worked with preschool age children and helped assist students in a life skills classroom.

Ciara began her journey creating products in September 2015. She creates products not only for the SPED classroom but for early learners. She plans to use her products to teach her daughter during her early learning years.

Please check out her store and social sites at CC's Classroom Creations


We encourage you to check out our stores and see what all we have to offer to meet your students needs!


  1. I am in search of food assembly/sorting tasks.


  2. What specifically are you wanting for assembly or sort? I have several real image products that can be adapted to fit student needs. For instance, my Packing Lunches product can be used varies ways. Following packing instruction cards or making multiples of the food items that can be sorted by item. Many of my food related products can be adapted this way. Just let me know specific need and I can see what I can help you with.